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Cape May County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What is Cape May County Arrest Records?

Cape May Arrest Records are public documents containing criminal history records of a person. These records, which are accessible in the county, include search warrants, investigation files, and mug shots of the person arrested. But, the documents are not just available at the county level. Federal government agencies (FBI), as well as State law enforcement bodies, are also in charge of storing arrest records.

Also known as arrest reports, the records form a part of criminal records that reveals the individual's detention history. However, it cannot replace a criminal record because the arrested individual is yet to be convicted. Naturally, arrests are made when a warrant is issued or when a law enforcement agency within the county witnesses a crime.

Crime Statistics of Cape May County

The New Jersey Uniform Crime Reporting unit is responsible for collating all criminal activities and arrest records in the state. Based on the 2017 UCR report, the crime rate has reduced by 1.5% in comparison with the 2016 report. A total of 212,297 cases were reported, while 56,504 were cleared. The report revealed a total number of 104,148 larcenies and theft cases, which is the highest reported case in the state.

The 2019 UCR report by the State Police in New Jersey reveals that Cape May County had 745 theft reports out of the state's total 916 offenses. The report shows that larceny and theft is the predominant crime in the county.

What are Cape May County Criminal Records?

Cape May county criminal record is the documentation created when an individual is found guilty of misconduct. Popularly known as 'rap sheet,' criminal records contain the following information.

  • Documentation of the crime, such as events that resulted in the arrest.
  • The personal information of the criminal; name, date of birth, etc.
  • Information on the arrest history and search warrants
  • Information on the criminal's ID; mug shots, fingerprints, height, weight, and color
  • Inmate information, like detention facility location, date of entry, bail/bond details and expected release date
  • Court records, including records about convictions, penalties and parole/probation

Most times, criminal records are unique to each state. The way the documents are created, stored, and retrieved can also vary based on the municipality, city, or county of a state. In the US state of New Jersey, the State Police serves as the central repository for all criminal records.

How Do I Get Cape May County Criminal Records?

Interested persons can get Cape May County criminal records at the Cape May County prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office serves as the central custodian for all public records in the county. To gain access to the records, requesters may download the request form or pick it up at the office of the Cape May County prosecutor.

All completed forms should be submitted to:

Cape May County Prosecutor's Office
4 Moore Road, DN-110
Cape May Court House, NJ. 08210
Fax: (609) 465-4434

Alternatively, requesters can check out criminal case records within the state via the New Jersey Courts' Criminal Cases portal. Third-party sites also provide these services, and the availability of geographical records does not constrain them. The sites are useful for specific or multiple files. Requesters using third party sites must provide the location of the record and the name of the criminal.

Where Can I Find Cape May County Sex Offender Information?

Information on sex offenders in Cape May County is available on the state's Sex Offender Registry. According to NJ's Megan Law, information on sex offenders should be available on the internet to encourage easy access to information about individuals who have committed a sexual crime. This will help citizens take reasonable measures to protect themselves and others from future danger. However, the easy access to sex offender information should not be used to intimidate, harass, or threaten people.

NJ State Police and May Cape County Prosecutor's Office work together to make sure the information on the internet is regularly updated and verified. Hence, requesters will find complete and accurate information via the online registry.

How do I Visit an Inmate in Cape May County Jail?

The Office of Cape May County Sheriff is responsible for supervising the activities of the local jail facility in the county.

9 N Main St,
Cape May Court House,
New Jersey 08210

Before visitation, it is essential to read all the rules and visiting schedules on the Sheriff's visiting webpage. The information on the site includes dress codes for female and male visitors. According to the page, visitors can either use the online inmate remote video or visit on-site at the correctional center.

To make the online remote video, visitors should first learn how to use Securus Technologies. Such visitation is available all through the week from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and each inmate is allowed three video visits per day.

In Cape May County, face-to-face visitations are not allowed. So, on-site visitations are subject to availability, which depends on the activity of the video terminals at the Correctional Center that day. Therefore, on-site visitors will have to book an appointment by calling the center on (609) 463-4344. Note that on-site visits are limited to 20 minutes.

Where and How to Find Cape May County Inmate Information

The Cape May Sheriff's office maintains information concerning inmates. The Inmate List contains the names and numbers of every individual at the correctional center. The list is updated daily. Interested persons can retrieve the information on any inmate provided they know the name and inmate number of the individual. The letters below the search panel representing inmates' first letter of the last name, is a useful tool for searches.

Names of detainees that do not appear on the list, suggest that they are either discharged or moved to another prison.

What are Cape May County Court Records?

Cape May County court records are documents containing court proceedings, allegations, and sworn statements that are generally available for public inspection. The New Jersey OPR Act ensures that all state residents have a right to access any court record. The best method of getting these records is to go directly to the court.

Cape May County court records are maintained at the office of Superior Court Clerk in the county. Requests can also be made at the state level at the New Jersey Superior Court Clerk Office. Completed request forms together with the appropriate fees, should be submitted to:

The New Jersey Superior Court Clerk's Office
25 Market St,
Trenton, NJ 08611.
(609) 421-6100

Location of all Courts in Cape May County

Listed below is the crucial information of all the courthouses in Cape May County, New Jersey.

Superior Court of Cape May County
Cape May County Courthouse
9 North Main Street,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
(609) 402-0100
Surrogate's Courts in Cape May County

Surrogate Court of Cape May County
9 North Main Street,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
4 Moore Road, Dept. 207,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Phone: (609) 463-6666
Fax: (609) 463-6454

Municipal Court of Avalon
3100 Dune Drive,
Avalon, NJ 08202
Phone: (609) 967-4457
Fax: (609) 967-5659

Municipal Court of Cape May City
643 Washington Street,
Cape May, NJ 08204
Phone: (609) 884-9525
Fax: (609) 884-8589

Municipal Court- Cape May Point
643 Washington Street,
Cape May, NJ 08204
(609) 884-9552

Municipal Court - Dennis Township
2100 Tuckahoe Road,
Petersburg, NJ 08270
P.O. Box 414, Tuckahoe, NJ 08250
(609) 628-2015

Municipal Court - Lower Township
401 Breakwater Road,
North Cape May, NJ 08204
Phone: (609) 886-6040
Fax: (609) 886-6636

Municipal Court - Middle Township
2 South Boyd Street,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Phone: (609) 465-8729
Fax: (609) 465-4015

Municipal Court of North Wildwood
901 Atlantic Avenue,
North Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 729-3818
Fax: (609) 729-6392

Municipal Court of Ocean City (Public Safety Building)
821 Central Avenue,
3rd Floor, Ocean City, NJ 08226
Phone: (609) 525-9386
Fax: (609) 399-9391

Municipal Court of Sea Isle City (City Hall)
233 John F. Kennedy Blvd,
Sea Isle City, NJ 08243
Phone: (609) 263-6101
Fax: (609) 263-1449

Municipal Court of Stone Harbor
9508 2nd Avenue,
Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
(609) 368-2411

Upper Township Municipal Court
2100 Tuckahoe Road,
Petersburg, NJ 08270
Phone: (609) 628-2011
Fax: (609) 628-2091

Municipal Court of West Cape May
732 Broadway,
West Cape May, NJ 08204
(609) 884-1005 ext. 111

Municipal Court of West Wildwood
115 West Davis Avenue,
Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 522-4924
Fax: (609) 522-5383

Municipal Court of Wildwood Crest
6101 Pacific Avenue,
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260
(609) 729-8035

Municipal Court of Wildwood
115 West Davis Avenue,
Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 522-4924
Fax: (609) 522-5383

Municipal Court of Woodbine
2 South Boyd Street,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Phone: (609) 465-8729
Fax: (609) 465-4015

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What are Cape May County Vital Records?

Vital records of Cape May County contain vital events such as marriage, divorce, birth, and death that happened within the county. All vital records in Cape May and other counties in the state are accessible via New Jersey's Department of Health. According to New Jersey's Open Record law, vital records are not public records and will not be available on the internet.

Interested persons have to apply to local registrars in Cape May. The criteria for approval to obtain such records may differ depending on the record and its custodian.

Where and How to Get Cape May County Divorce Records

Pursuant to New Jersey Public Record law, divorce records are public court records. Therefore, the files are created and stored at the county's superior court. Historical divorce records between 1743 and 1850 are found at the State Archives. Requesters can obtain divorce records by submitting a completed request form to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court in Cape May.

Where and How to Get Cape May County Marriage Records

The clerk of Cape May County is tasked with issuing marriage licenses and holding pairs within county limits to plan. Requesters can obtain marriage records by visiting the office of the county's clerk or through the mail. Applicants must provide the names of the partners, the location and date of the union.

Requests should be made to:

Cape May County Clerk
7 N Main St,
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Where and How to Get Cape May County Birth Records and Death Records

All information involving birth and death records are available at the state level through the Department of Health's office. According to state law, the department is obliged to restrict access to documents from individuals that do not meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants that will meet the requirements must be named on the record, or be an immediate relative or legal representative of the record subject. Without that, the requester must obtain a court subpoena to gain access to these records.

Requesting parties are required to submit a written request to:

The New Jersey Department of Health
369 S. Warren Street,
Trenton, NJ 08608